Silicone Hand Gripper Resistance.Helps to improve hand and finger strength, flexibility, and dexterity.Includes 3 different resistance levels to accommodate different fitness levels.

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Improved Design

The updated design of this set of 3 finger grippers offers a more comfortable, non-slip grip, sleek and ergonomic design, and helps prevent hand and finger cramping during use, making it a perfect tool for hand and finger strength training, grip, and wrist stretching exercises.

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Also Great For

Improve hand and wrist strength: The silicone resistance band provides a challenging workout for your hands and wrists, helping to increase strength and endurance.

Target specific muscle groups: With its unique design, this hand gripper allows you to focus on specific muscle groups, making it perfect for those looking to improve their grip strength in a specific area or for rehabilitation purpose.

Convenient and portable: The compact size of this hand gripper makes it easy to take with you on the go, whether you're traveling or heading to the gym, it can be used at home or at work for your rehabilitation purpose.

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Enhance Flexibility and Durability

Made with high-quality silicone material for durability.

Can be used for hand and finger strength, grip, and wrist stretching exercises.

Lightweight and portable, great for use at home or on-the-go.

Great for athletes, musicians, and anyone looking to improve hand and finger strength.

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  • We offer three type of resistance levels:

    Beginner Level (Light)- Green (3 kg or 6.6 lbs) 
    Intermediate Level (Moderate) - Blue (4 kg or 8.8 lbs) 
    Advanced Level (Heavy) - Orange (5 kg or 11 lbs)

  • Elbow injuries and forearm pain is familiar thing among the people who participate in arepetitive activities that use only the flexor muscles of the forearm. Such an activities are rock climbing , tennis , weightlifting , wrestling and many more. All these people are more likely to experience Repetitive Strain injury at some point.

  • MAXGRIP PROcomprehensively train every muscle group from the elbow down, especially the forearm extensors - the muscles that open your fingers. Strengthening these muscles improves grip. Balancing these muscle groups will lead to better development of both muscles and your flexors can become stronger than ever.